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    Kurmi society is an ancient kshatriya race of the world. This race has been important place in the history of human being. The nomenclature of this species based on ‘Vedas’. The oldest book of the world ‘Rigveda’ in which the term kurmi is used for Devraj Indra. This word is an adjective and it means workaday or laborious. The term Kurm is also used in Upnidan sutra, in this book the word kurmi is in respect of great kourmi Indra. There is a similar word Kauram is found in Atharva ved. It is originated from the word Kurma where ‘Ku’ means earth and ‘rama’ means wandering. Therefore hard worker of the earth are called Kurmi.

          The Kurmis owned the land over many years became to known as Kunbi and then later Kanbi . The Kanbi caste later known as two groups . Lava (Migrants from the Lya district of Punjab) and Kadva Kanbi (Migrants from Karad district. During the period (BC 2000-BC1000), there was a huge increase in the Aryan population of Punjab as many groups migrated from there. There were shortage of agricultural land and so many groups spread towards northern Rajasthan, Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. As a result of migration, the main occupant of this area in present time, are the Kurm Kshatriya.

There are various modifications of the Kurmi as Kurum, Kulmi, Kulvi, Kulwadi , Kanbi , Kumbi etc. The Kunbi is the great hindu cultivator caste which found mainly in Western India. It correspond with Kapu of  Telgu region in Madras , the Kumbi of Balgam , the Kumbi of Deccan , the Kulwadi of Southern Konkam , Kumbi of Gujrat and Patidar of  Brauch.

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