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Awadhiya means people of Awadh or Ayodhya.This Sub-Caste is commonly known as  “Awadhiya kshatriya” or “Awadhiya Kurmi” or simply “Awadhiya”.They are “Suryavanshi Kshatriya” in origin and also known as Raghuvanshi.They are believed to be Ancestors of  Law.There rank among Kurmis of Bihar  and Jharkhand is Heighest.They migrated from Ayodhya in the era of Babar to areas of Purvanchal and Bhojpuri speaking areas. This is a phrase that explains about Awadhiya

वैसवास वंशवार औधिया सचान

 और चौधरी चौहान राजपूत परुवार है /

Here in the above paragraph shows the according to the heraldic names “vansha/vanshwar” Awadhiya , sachan , chowdhry, chowhan are Kurmi Kshatriya subcastes that are similar to Rajputs as they were landowning zamindars.

Famous zamindars of Awadhiya kurmi in British era-

Ram Ayodhya Singh-Zamindar in Dighwara Bihar

Ram Parikhsan Singh-Zamindar in Dariyapur ,Saran district

Present settlements-

Total population of Awadhiya people is 21 lakhs.(2.1 millions) around 15 lakhs are in Bihar and 6 lakhs are in Uttar Pradesh.

In Uttar Pradesh-

They are known as Thakurs.They are found in these Districts Gorakhpur, Azamgarh ,Deoria ,Basti ,Ballia ,Kushinagar etc.

In Bihar-

Patna,Chapra(saran),Nalanda,Biharsharif,Siwan,Arra(Bhojpur),Hajipur(vaishali District),Buxer,Gopalganj,Danapur in Bhagalpur districts also.

In Jharkhand-

They are not found in Jharkhand but they migrated as they were one of the educated caste in Bihar .During Industrialisation of Bihar  in 60’s they Migrated there in Ranchi,Bokaro,Jamsedpur as in Ranchi and Bokaro they are heighest in number.after partition they are now in Jharkhand they are mostly migrated from ABC districts ie Arra,Ballia and Chapra.


Highly endogamous that means marriage in other subcastes of Kurmi Kshatriya is prohibited.They marry within Awadhiya caste only.They are Aryans in Race.

Famous Awadhiya people in present date

At rural level they are farmers.But at City level they are Buisnessman,Doctors,Engineers and there frequency in high level jobs is very high in comparison of other Kurmi subcastes.

Dr.S.N.Arya – Padmashree Award winner Cardiologist from Patna.

Dr. Laxmi Chowdhry- Famous child specialist of Ranchi.

Nitish Kumar- Chief Minister of Bihar

Kaushalendra Kumar- MP from Nalanda.

Krishna Kumar Singh- MLA of Amnour Vidhan Sabha Constituency.

Brishen Patel- HRD and Road construction Minister ,Bihar Govt.

Kundan Krishanan- IPS 1998 batch Bihar Cadre,Deputy Director IB

Ravinesh Prasad Singh- Founder of Rainbow Seeds company,Hajipur

Kamta Prasad Singh- Agri businessman

Kaushalendra Kumar- IIM topper 2008,founder of Samridhi NGO.

K.Sinha- Owner of Sinha Roadways

Titles used by Awadhiya kurmi-

Singh, Sinha ,Patel ,Chowdhry , Awadhiya , Kumar

Reservation Status-

Bihar- Upper Backward Class 12 % reservation only.

Uttar Pradesh- Other Bachward Class

Jharkhand- General (all migratory castes are considerd General in Jharkahnd)

All over India- other Backward Class.

Article by Nitesh Kumar Singh

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